Canada’s progressive modern rock four piece IDUNA brings emotionally raw and sonically polished original music to the masses, taking on the challenges of our world today in both word and action. Passionate and heavy, their twin lead vocal and guitar-driven sound never lets up thanks to the melodic and lyrical interplay between Jason Craig and Trison Boyes. Equal parts beauty and muscle, Toronto Music Reviews  describes their live performance as “intense and epic…”, where ethereal atmospherics give way to thunderous riffs, driving rhythms, and layers of deep groove courtesy of bassist Tim Saulnier. Anchored by the precise and powerful drumming of Craig Koziar, Jason and Trison’s guitars and voices soar triumphantly, sometimes accusingly, always with honest, often gut-wrenching emotion.  Decisive and questioning lyrically, in many ways IDUNA’s music presents opposite sides of the same coin. This approach is reflected in their sensibilities that pay homage to the loud-soft dynamics of the grunge era and builds on the fundamental sounds of modern alternative rock with a deepening melodic intensity, clarity, and stunning harmonies to match. Through their music, IDUNA carries a hope for the future while also pining for a past that is just out of reach.

Iduna’s new single “Nosedive” is available now wherever you listen to music on the internet. The song is a reflection of the political and emotional turmoil in the world. “Nosedive” expresses thoughtful frustration in the wake of populist, right wing movements that threaten to undermine truth, compassion, and justice in favour of false narratives, nationalism, and the increasing militarization of domestic policing.



New single “Nosedive” out now

2017 Full Length “Counterpart”


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